Promoting the Wellbeing of Our Student

At Boneo Primary School, we are committed to the comprehensive care of our students. This is why we are constantly making efforts to ensure their well-being. We have a wide range of tailored programs towards ensuring that our students are in the best possible condition, both mentally and physically. At Boneo Primary School, you can trust us to provide the best care for your student regardless of their needs.

Our Programs

Our programs are extensive. However, we have just one goal in mind. That is the protection of the health and well-being of your child. Therefore, we engage a wide range of professionals in the creation of these programs. As such, you can be sure that our efforts are designed to be effective and achieve the set goal.

Some of these programs include:

Garden Play

Our garden play involves encouraging children to play in our garden. We allow them to do this during their lunchtime. During this period, they play with various materials like pegs, boards, cooking utensils, shelves, and fabric. This allows them to improve their imagination and creative side.

It also stimulates various aspects of their development, such as their observation prowess, language, social interaction, collaborative skills, problem-solving, and independence.


We also have the Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy. Again, this opportunity is available to people on the autism spectrum. It is made available by the Light Up Autism Foundation, a non-profit organisation that we have a working relationship.

We also have a support staff that is trained when it comes to the delivery of this therapy. So, we maximise this program to support our students.

Hands-On Learning

We also have the Hands-on Learning Program. This is our unique program tailored to our students in our senior school. They get to learn social, building, and academic skills. It allows them to develop various skills while also exploring life experiences.

Friendship Couch

We also maximise the friendship couch to support our students. The great thing is that this couch was designed and built by our students. Even the decorations there is a product of the creativity of our students.

This couch not only celebrates our diversity but also celebrates our environment. It is the place where our students get to make new friends and enjoy some quiet time.

Special Needs

We are proud of our commitment to inclusiveness. We love children for who they are. As such, we have an exceptional education support staff who work with the teachers to guarantee that we meet our student’s needs.

Sun Smart School

In case you did not know, we are an accredited Sun Smart School. As such, our students wear broad-brimmed hats in terms one and four. We also encourage students to bring a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Usually, we encourage our students to bring water-resistant options.


We are a Kids Matter school. This involves a mental health and well-being program that is relevant for students in primary school. As such, we care about positive school communities. We also teach children the skills to help them with great emotional and social development.