Our Policies

At Boneo Primary School, we are an organisation committed to attention to detail. As such, we have a wide range of policies tailored to protect the health and well-being of our students. However, even beyond this, we have a wide range of policies tailored towards the creation of a functional system that caters to the needs of students.

Our policies are comprehensive and created by experts within the area. This is to ensure that it a practical and functional policy that can achieve our intention. We also take active steps to ensure the implementation of these policies.

Not only do we commit ourselves towards their implementation from the management level, but we also ensure that our staff is committed to the implementation. In addition, we engage in a wide range of actives such as training to ensure that every member of our community is well aware of our policy.

Some of our policy include:

Asthma Policy

Our Asthma Policy is our commitment towards catering to the needs of people with Asthma. Our policy is compressive and caters to their needs. This is in line with our commitment to diversity.

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First Aid Policy

Our First Aid Policy is our commitment towards providing first aid to our students and staff. However, the reality is that while injuries are unwanted, they are sometimes unavoidable. This is why we have a comprehensive policy on first aid that allows us to react appropriately and effectively.

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DET COVID 19 Policy Term 4

This policy is relevant following the COVID 19 pandemic that has affected the whole world. It details our commitment towards maintaining a safe environment for your children in line with existing regulations. We adhere strictly to it as we recognise the importance of life.

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Infectious Diseases Policy

This details our policy on infectious diseases. In addition, it discusses how we respond to prevent the spread of such disease. Our policy is comprehensive as the protection of the life and health of our children remains a priority.

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Health Care Needs Policy

This policy details our commitment to meeting the health needs of our students and staff. Again, we are committed to the health needs of members of our school. Our policy also takes into consideration the diverse needs of our students.

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Mobile Phones Policy

This policy governs the use of mobile phones by students within a school. It caters to their needs as we seek to ensure that they can concentrate on what matters most while still gaining the needed exposure. Our mobile phone policy is mandatory, and it necessary for you to read through.

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Sunsmart Policy

Our Sunsmart policy is tailored towards minimising the risk of eye and skin damage and skin cancer. This policy governs not only students but also extends to support staff. It reuses the use of sun protection measures where necessary.

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy concerns how we manage the information that you provide to us. We are committed to the protection of your privacy. As such, we detail our rights and obligations for accessibility.

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Other policies include:

  • Anaphylaxis Policy
  • Collection of Information Policy
  • School Council Standing Orders
  • Parent Payments Overview
  • Parent Payments Policy
  • Financial Help for Families

In case you need any more clarification, you can let us know. We will be ready to answer all your question.