Our Curriculum

At Boneo Primary School, our curriculum is an integral part of what we try to achieve. We have tailored our curriculum to ensure that we can provide the best experience for our students. Our curriculum is in line with the required standard provided by the educational board. This is to ensure that our students are not left out of the mix.

Our impressive curriculum is as follows:


This is our literacy program. We have developed this program in line with the Professional Learning Communities approach towards learning and teaching. In the same vein, we implement this program considering this approach.

As such, our teachers ensure that they create clear individual goals that the student must achieve. Similarly, the teachers consider the students’ individual needs to ensure that they can best decide what the student needs to learn.  This is an integral part of the whole learning process across all levels.

Health and Physical Education

This program begins at Prep. At this stage, students get to participate in Perceptual Motor Program. This program is movement-based, and it assists students in their development of eye-to-hand coordination, eye-to-foot coordination, locomotive, balance, eye tracking skills, and fitness.

Our students from Prep to Year 6 participate in these programs to develop their motor skills, fitness, and coordination. We also place emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication skills. In addition, we encourage our students to remain active across all levels through various games like Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Football. And Basketball, among others.


At Boneo Primary School, we implement the Victorian Levels F-10 curriculum. Under this curriculum, studies under humanities include Economics, Business, History, Geography, and Citizenship and Civic.

Our curriculum under this category provides our students with a framework that allows them to address and challenge themselves with complex processes. We encourage them to investigate these responses to understand the state of the world.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

This program is available to students in Year 3 and Years 4. This program avails students of a unique experience. It has a wide range of positive outcomes relevant to areas such as English, Mathematics, and Science.

This program allows students to participate in garden activities. They then cook these products in an outdoor kitchen.

With this process, we put our students through the process of cooking their food following growing them. We also teach them how to cook and give their food to others.


Our mathematics curriculum is tailored to prepare our students for future mathematical experiences. We focus on their reasoning and problem-solving skill. We also conduct a regular assessment to know where and what to improve on.


Our curriculum equips students with the capacity to investigate the world that they live in. Our goal is to spur curiosity in the minds of our students. We not only provide general access to science, but we also offer it as a specialist program. Under this category, we have core courses like Biology, Physics, Earth Sciences, and Physics.

Other areas under our curriculum include:

  • Technologies
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts