Our Community Commitment

At Boneo Primary School, we are committed to our community. We understand that our community is a vital part of our existence. Even more, we understand that we are dependent on each other. Precisely, a better community means a better experience for us at Boneo Primary School. As such, we commit ourselves to community development.

We undergo a wide range of activities and develop various programs to ensure that we provide the very best experience to members of our community. Some of our programs and activities cut across the following:

Family Food and Fun Night

One of our programs is the family food and fun night. This is an event that we hold every year. Year, we transform our Boneo Reserve into the Picnic Carnival. Our carnival boasts food stalls, rides, amusements, dance performances, and traditional fetes.

We organise this event, banking on the generosity of families, community groups, and local businesses. This is an option for us to bring our families and staff together. In addition, we use this opportunity to celebrate our community and school.

Oaks Day

We also have the Oaks Ladies Day. This is a great event that allows us to connect hundreds of members of our community. We establish our committee, who is responsible for the organisation of the event. They enjoy the support of local businesses and families who sponsor the whole program.

We also bring volunteers together who contribute to the success of the event. They bring passion and commitment that ensures we can achieve a great result.

This event is tailored towards raising funds to provide educational opportunities to students at our school.

Boneo Market

The Boneo Market represents an integral part of our community. Therefore, we continue to remain actively involved when it comes to the Boneo Market.

The market is not just another market. We are a non-profit organisation. As such, we use the proceeds from the market to support our community services. We support some of the services that include Boneo Tennis Club, Boneo Primary School, Boneo Cricket Club.

The market holds every third Saturday of the month. It stands between 8 am and 12:30 pm.

Community Sister School

We have a sister school relationship with the Pandanon Elementary School. This is a school on Pandanon Island in the Philippines. Our relationship existed in 2015. Today, around 450 people attend our sister school on this island.

This island is not developed. There is widespread malnutrition, poverty, and the absence of power. As such, we look towards creative means towards improving their lives and raising money for the school.

We continue to find new ways to improve our society. Our community commitment is unwavering. As such, you can count on us to embark on projects and programs that seek to develop and empower our community.

If you have any idea of how we can be beneficial to our community, we welcome you to reach out to us. We are available to listen to you and work towards improving our community as a team. We look forward to speaking to you.