Getting to Know Us

Boneo Primary School is not just another school. We are a community school currently located within Mornington Peninsula. We share a special bond with our community as we are located within its heart. We have over 300 students who currently enjoy our vibrant environment.

Our students come from a wide range of neighbourhood. However, being a community school, our student comes from within our local neighbourhood. Our students’ catchment includes St Andrews Beach, Cape Schanck, Fingal, and Boneo.

At Boneo Primary School, we have a steadfast commitment to educating children. Our commitment is extensive as we aim towards nurturing and caring for children. In turn, we provide a wide variety of programs to promote the well-being of our children.

Our programs are not the only means through which we cater to the needs of our community. We also provide a beautiful environment and support that ensures that the safety of our students remains guaranteed. We do not take anything for granted as we look towards guaranteeing the best experience.

At Boneo Primary School, we have a steadfast commitment to diversity. As such, we cater to the diverse needs of our students while ensuring that they are engaged. We also provide adequate support to these students across all areas, including in their academic endeavours.

Our Philosophy

Our priority is to provide an exciting and engaging learning environment for students. As such, we ensure that our students learn at the highest level possible. Even more, we ensure that we deliver results that position them for success.

We work collectively and collaboratively. We also focus on results. In turn, we use these results to ensure that we can further improve on our professional practice.

We are always available to respond to students in need of enrichment and intervention. However, our commitment remains to a holistic approach to learning. As such, we ensure that we promote the wholesome development and growth of our child.

Our Mission Statement

At Boneo Primary School, we provide a positive, nurturing, and personalised learning environment to our students while motivating them to aspire and reach their highest potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise students with a commitment to success. We adopt a holistic approach to ensure that we can achieve this. We hope to raise passionate and community-oriented students.

Our Values

At Boneo Primary School, we hold certain values dear in our engagement. Similarly, we hope to create a class of students committed to these values. These values are:


We are also keen on respect. We understand and recognise it as one of the fabrics that hold our society together. As such, we intend to raise students who are respectful to their fellow students, their teachers, and their community. We believe that this will spur them to be better members of the community.


Empathy is something that we recognise as a core component of human life. Our goal is to develop and nurture emotionally intelligent students. As such, we commit ourselves to teach empathy. Our staff also displays it in their engagement with students.


We are a group that recognises the importance of determination and persistence. As such, we are constantly looking to develop students who are determined to achieve success in whatsoever they do. We understand that this will create a mindset for growth and development.