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At Boneo Primary School, we have a steadfast commitment to educating children. Our commitment is extensive as we aim towards nurturing and caring for children. In turn, we provide a wide variety of programs to promote the well-being of our children.

Our Partners


At Boneo Primary School, our curriculum is an integral part of what we try to achieve. We have tailored our curriculum to ensure that we can provide the best experience for our students. Our curriculum is in line with the required standard provided by the educational board. This is to ensure that our students are not left out of the mix.


At Boneo Primary School, we are committed to the comprehensive care of our students. This is why we are constantly making efforts to ensure their well-being. We have a wide range of tailored programs towards ensuring that our students are in the best possible condition, both mentally and physically.


At Boneo Primary School, we are committed to our community. We understand that our community is a vital part of our existence. Even more, we understand that we are dependent on each other. Precisely, a better community means a better experience for us at Boneo Primary School. As such, we commit ourselves to community development.

What's On

At Boneo Primary School, our commitment to providing the best experience for our students is unrivalled. We are constantly researching and acting to ensure that we provide value to every community member and family. We have a wide range of programs that you can monitor using our Compass Calendars. It allows you to know what’s on with us.

For Parents

At Boneo Primary School, we are committed to a holistic approach towards learning. As such, we incorporate our parents into our process. We are committed to ensuring that you can positively impact your child. As such, we take active steps to prepare you for the future. We achieve this through our resource support.

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Absence Notification

Each day, we strive to ensure that we keep a record of every student on our premises and under our care. This is because, with this, we accept full responsibility for these students concerning their safety and security. As such, we request that you let us know about cases where they will not be coming to school. This is for us to monitor their movements. Also, it helps us to ascertain that when they are not in our care, they are in your care.


At Boneo Primary School, we are an organisation committed to attention to detail. As such, we have a wide range of policies tailored to protect the health and well-being of our students. However, even beyond this, we have a wide range of policies tailored towards the creation of a functional system that caters to the needs of students.

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